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SermonNotes 4.0 issue in iOS7

SermonNotes 4.0 issue in iOS7     It appears that in iOS7, the screen rotation at the system level (keyboard and title bars) is conflicting with rotation with the app itself.  This happens on iPhone and iPad if you rotate the screen to landscape orientation before the app fully loads. ___ On iPad, dismiss the… Continue reading »

Countries, States, and SermonNotes apps updated with export-import backup

Countries Visited • World Travel Log, USA Travel Log • States Visited, and SermonNotes apps were updated to version 4.0 with an export/import feature. • Added export backup file.  Email it to yourself to keep a database backup file.  For the Travel Log apps, the button is on the Edit Visits screen at Visits /… Continue reading »

Various updates – Info tab More Apps

  These apps have been updated to fix the Info tab’s “More Apps” to only show apps by Lee Design Services.  The iTunes App Store search results was showing an app by another developer even though totally unrelated to Lee Design Services: USA Travel Log • States Visited v2.2 TireSizer v2.4 All My Baggage • Airport… Continue reading »