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TireSizer version 3.2 sliders bug with iOS 8.3

Important bug notice for TireSizer version 3.2:  with iOS 8.3, the sliders are disappearing upon startup.  The app can still work but by typing in numbers only.  An update will be issued in the future.  We apologize for this issue.

SermonNotes 4.0 issue in iOS7

SermonNotes 4.0 issue in iOS7     It appears that in iOS7, the screen rotation at the system level (keyboard and title bars) is conflicting with rotation with the app itself.  This happens on iPhone and iPad if you rotate the screen to landscape orientation before the app fully loads. ___ On iPad, dismiss the… Continue reading »

Countries, States, and SermonNotes apps updated with export-import backup

Countries Visited • World Travel Log, USA Travel Log • States Visited, and SermonNotes apps were updated to version 4.0 with an export/import feature. • Added export backup file.  Email it to yourself to keep a database backup file.  For the Travel Log apps, the button is on the Edit Visits screen at Visits /… Continue reading »

TireSizer updated with native iPad support

TireSizer updated with native iPad support

TireSizer version 3.0 has been redesigned as universal app with native iPad support!  Also includes the following: • For metric users, now remembers the Imperial / Metric setting. • Added Tire Width calculations.  On iPhone and iPod touch, this replaces Axle Height in the summary screen due to limited screen space.  However, on the info… Continue reading »

SermonNotes bug

  SermonNotes bug notices:   • When you create a new note, the new note will immediately show up in the Past Notes screen at the top of the list. But the oldest note at the bottom of the list becomes temporarily hidden. It is NOT deleted, it is simply not visible. To see the… Continue reading »