Countries, States, and SermonNotes apps updated with export-import backup

By   May 8, 2013


Countries Visited • World Travel Log, USA Travel Log • States Visited, and SermonNotes apps were updated to version 4.0 with an export/import feature.

• Added export backup file.  Email it to yourself to keep a database backup file.  For the Travel Log apps, the button is on the Edit Visits screen at Visits / (select any name) / (select any visit) / Backup.  For SermonNotes, the button is at Past Notes / (select any note) / Backup.

• Added import backup file.  To restore from the database backup file, open the emailed backup file on your iOS device and import it.  Caution: the import will replace your existing Travel Log database on your iOS device, not add to it.

• You should create a backup file occasionally, such as every few months, or before installing an app update or iOS system update, or if you need to move all of your Travel Log data to another iOS device.  You can still create a separate readable email of all your visits.

• This may be the final release that supports iOS 4.0.  Future versions with iCloud syncing among devices might require minimum iOS 6.0


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