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Italy Travel Log • Regions Visited

Have you traveled to any regions in Italy recently? Would you like an easy way to keep track of your visits over the past and future years? This app keeps track of the regions that you and other family members and friends have visited, and also allows input of optional details that should be useful to you in the future. Includes the following features:

  • Select any of the 20 regions.
  • Allows unlimited number of travelers' names.
  • Enter a visit for yourself and other people at the same time.
  • Keeps track of the regions each person has traveled to.
  • Automatically shows the current year and you can choose past years.
  • Includes optional month selector, or just leave it blank if you don't remember
  • Duration is per number of the days, weeks, months or years. You can keep track of where you lived in the past, instead of just vacations.
  • Allows you to input text notes about your visit, such as the region, city, town, village, district, neighborhood, or anything else.
  • Allows you to edit any past visit's details. Everyone who traveled on that visit is automatically updated too, saving you time.
  • Allows you to email the record of a visit to yourself or anyone in your address book. That also creates a backup of your visit.
  • Provides summary region total counts and details for each visit.
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Version 1.3

Requires minimum iOS 3.0
Tested through iOS 4.3.5