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Own a car or truck? Need to replace tires? Then you need TireSizer!

TireSizer is a tire size calculator app and provides other useful information about your vehicle's tires and wheels. TireSizer quickly calculates the height of your vehicle's tires and axles when you want to replace your tires or rims with wider or narrower sizes, or taller or shorter sizes to raise or lower your vehicle.

It uses your passenger or light truck tire size data such as P235/75/R15 (tread width, aspect ratio and rim diameter).

TireSizer also works with flotation truck tire sizes such as 31x10.5R16, high flotation agricultural tires 66 x 44.00-25, high flotation forestry tires 68 x 70.00-32, and large P-metric flotation tires 700 / 55-34 and 850 / 50-30.


  • Automatically calculates the net size difference between 2 tires to give you useful final numbers.
  • Interactive sliders allow you to test different numbers and see what-if answers quickly.
  • Converts flotation tire sizes to standard P-metric sizes, vice versa, and instantly back and forth.
  • Calculates:
  • Tire heights
  • Vehicle's axle center height which is used to determine the total height that your vehicle will be raised up or lowered.
  • Tire widths
  • The distance the tire travels per each revolution
  • The number of revolutions per mile or kilometer
  • Odometer multiplication factor
  • Sample speed conversion (60 mph or 100 km)
  • Shows results in either imperial units or metric units.
  • Includes several screens with tire reference data such as:
    • Tire maintenance suggestions
    • Abbreviations codes
    • Load rating codes
    • Speed rating codes
    • Traction rating codes
    • Temperature rating codes
    • Treadwear rating codes
Flotation sizes on Metric units on Tech info
Maintenance info Suffix codes Tread wear ratings
The Story Behind this App:

After the 3rd snowstorm of winter 2009, with rear wheels sliding around corners really close to parked cars, it was time for new tires. Surprisingly, the original tires were not a commonly available size in tire stores! At $20 more per tire, that's $80! (USD). You can manually calculate how much taller/shorter wider/narrower different size tires would be. Yes, there is a math formula for that; why not create an app for that? And everyone really should learn more about their tires. Now you can too, with TireSizer!
iPad screen

Not all resulting tire sizes are commonly available. Contact your local tire store for verification of availability.

Wider or taller tires may be limited by your wheel well clearances and may severely affect your vehicle's road handling. Always have your local tire store visually inspect your wheel well's clearances for suitability of wider or taller tires.

Narrower or shorter tires may affect your vehicles road handling and ground clearances. Always have your local tire store visually inspect your vehicle for suitability of narrower or shorter tires.

This app is for informational purposes only. The creator of this app is not liable for the user installing tires or rims that differ from the vehicle manufacturer's original recommended specifications. Use solely at your own risk.

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