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SermonNotes provides a simple and easy way to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to input notes during sermons, classes, and Bible studies. SermonNotes is the original sermon notes iOS app, created in 2009 and continually improved. It’s paperless and includes the following features:

  • Input notes anywhere, anytime. Never need to look for paper or pen again.
  • Supports landscape orientation keyboard and landscape view for all screens.
  • You’ll have convenient access to your past sermon notes. Never need to search for misplaced past paper notes again.
  • Includes selector wheels to help you choose any of the 66 books of the Bible for your sermon's main verses range and also unlimited verse references during notes input, eliminating the need to manually type them. (Does not include scripture verse text due to copyright and licensing issues; however, you can copy and paste verse text from an app that legally contains your favorite version / translation).
  • Input notes in dim lighting conditions. The light text on the input screen's dark background also minimizes light distractions to those around you.
  • When you are done inputting notes, you can email them to yourself or to any anyone else in your address book. It’s a great way to share your learning with others.
  • Allows you to search, view, and edit your past notes.
  • Supports editing past main verse references, topic and speaker/other.
Landscape view - Main screen
Notes input Reference selector Past notes list
Landscape view - Notes input
Detailed past notes (editable) Eternal life
Landscape view - Keyboard
The Story Behind this App:

After several sermons, Bible classes, and Bible studies, paper notes usually pile up in between the pages of your Bible and eventually add substantial bulk and weight!  They finally get filed somewhere, but are not easily found in the future.  There needed to be a better way! Now you can input notes directly on your iOS device. This helps to organize all your notes in one place and have them easily accessible for future reference. Saves trees too!

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