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Selected by Apple for a featured spot in "New & Noteworthy" in the Travel section of the App Store, November/December 2010
All My Baggage • Airport and Train Station Travel Checklist

All My Baggage is a checklist that will help you keep track of the number of baggage items that you bring to the airport or train station. During the rush to catch your flight or train, it can be chaotic with so many things to do: park your car or take public transportation, check-in some luggage, check flight status, go through security, and find your gate or terminal. This app will help you to remember all your belongings and prevent leaving anything behind!

You can also use this app when you travel by ship, bus, taxi, or car.

This is not an all-inclusive, pack everything, lengthy checklist. All My Baggage is designed as a quick checklist to help remind you to take all your baggage with you!

The free version is supported by ads in countries where available. Be sure to click on them while waiting for your flight or ride!

The plus version contains additional customizable baggage items and no ads.

Home screen - Plus Version
The Story Behind this App:

A spouse's coworker left her laptop computer at the ticket counter at an airport...on the return flight from an out-of-state business trip. She totally forgot about it until arriving at home, hours later! The airline was kind enough to send it to her the next day. All My Baggage will help you to remember to "take all your baggage with you!"

Home screen - Free Version
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